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Bramhacharya, in a true perspective

Bramhachari is a common word these days which is used to represent bachelors in today’s world. Every unmarried person in the age group 15-30 considers himself as a ‘Bramhachari’. It is termed as a noun to represent unmarried people.

But what is its TRUE meaning ? Let us give it a thought !

Bramhacharya = Brahmha + charya : which means a virtuous activity of following vedic principles to reach the eternal abode

This means waking up earlier than sunrise, taking bath in holy rivers, performing sandhya vandanam, practicing bhakti yoga all the time, performing no sinful activities, having krishna prasadam, educating others about the supreme lord, having no desires except reaching the eternal abode of krishna, etc. Bramhacharya seriously abstains from having sexual desires.

Now, let us get back to our current perspective. So, current day bachelors, Do they practice any one of the above persistently? I would be astonished if any one had a Yes answer. I myself agree with that. But Is it that difficult ? No, it is as simple as eating a banana. You’d just have to peel off your peripheral qualities to bring out your true self. I’d totally agree with the fact that every body’s true self is as pure as the supreme person’s. But our true self is deeply immersed/covered/surrounded by the bad qualities. All we’ve got to do is peel off the banana’s skin.

Bramhacharya is a way of life which is always in line with good qualities, devotional practices. The one who properly follows these practices is guaranteed to reach the eternal abode and one who doesn’t follow these is guaranteed to fall down in his life. At one point or another, soul comes to know about the eternal fact and recognizes it, comes into the right path. For some, it might happen sooner than the others. But eventually, every soul has to be “Bramhachary”‘ised.

Leading a life of Grhastha, one can be a Bramhachari. It is not like when you are married, you cannot be a ‘Bramhachari’. Lord Sri Krishna is the best example to this case. Krishna is regarded as the Supreme Bramhachari even though he was married to 8 queens. It is because, he never married for the sake of material pleasure (He being the eternal one, this discussion is totally out of the point. But we discuss it to justify his every action).

That is the reason why our ancient culture had ‘Gurukula’s to preach Bramhacharya. A young man is more receptive and can grasp hard things very easily when compared to a Older man. So, when the children are taught the vedic scriptures and Puranas, they can easily understand the Lord quickly. But today’s education is so spoiled that we have to read about non sense stories like Trojan war. Today’s youth considers our valuable history as myth. Even government encourages these kind of false propoganda.

When the ruler is spoiled, how can the kingdom be good? A ruler should have a stable mind, strong as a rock. That is why our ancestors used to have divisions (Varnasrama) in the society. A Kshatriya is a ruler as he has great qualities like wisdom, bravery, assertiveness, truthfulness, etc. But today’s politicians, ?? I don’t have to mention their qualities – corruption, greedy for power, scamps. How can people expect good fragrance from a sewage?? This system of life can never be won or changed. The only thing that might be possible at this perplex situation is to chant his holy name –

“Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama, ┬áRama Rama Hare Hare”

which is fruitful, extremely pleasant, relieving from the clutches of material bondage.

Hare Krishna !

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