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Ten Great Incarnations

Ten Great Incarnations



Lord Sri Maha Vishnu’s Ten great incarnations on Earth are called “Dasavathara”Dasa (10) + Avathara (incarnation).


As said by Sri Maha Vishnu himself in his Krishna Avathara,

Gita Saaram

Gita Saaram

 “For the protection of the Good,  for the destruction of the Evil, for the firm establishment of Dharma, I will be born in every Age (Yuga)”.

Gita Saaram

Gita Saaram

“Whenever there is decay of Dharma (religion) and an ascendancy of Adharma (irreligion) then God manifests Himself ! “.

This manifestation was spoken by Vedas and Puranas as the immense “Dasavathara“. These avatars are said to demonstrate that divinity re-establishes Dharma or righteousness and destroys injustice from time to time, by appearing on earth in various incarnations.


Avathara Names

Avathara Names



Sriman Narayana Out of compassion and to save his devotees (bhakta) from asuras (demons) has incarnated in this material world time to time. His “avathara leela“s are plenty and beyond our count. However ten of his avatharas are considered most prominent. They are  Matsyavatara (fish),  Koorma (tortoise),  Varaaha (boar),  Narasimha (the man lion), Vaamana  (the dwarf), Parasurama (the angry king), Rama (the perfect man), Balarama and Krishna (the divine statesman). The 10th avatar which is yet to appear is Kalki.

Each Avathara has a prominent role and influences Yuga Dharma of that particular  Yuga. “When people start to lose human character and all the world’s a mess and can  no longer be sustained, He appears and sets everything right”.


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