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Vamana Avatara






Vamana Avatara is a personality described in the Puranic texts of Hinduism as the Fifth Avatara of Vishnu, and the first incarnation of the Second Yugam (Age), or Treta yuga. Also he is the first Avatar of Vishnu which appears with a completely human form, though it was that of a dwarf bramhana. He is also sometimes known as Upendra.



Vamana was born to Aditi and Kashyapa. He is the twelfth of the Adityas. Vamana is known to be the younger brother of Indra.

                                       The legend of Bhagavata has it that the Vamana avatar was taken by Vishnu to restore Indra‘s (King of Gods) authority over the heavens, which was taken away by force by the demon king Bali in Dravida.

                                       Vamana in the disguise of a short Bramhana, carrying a wooden umbrella requested three steps of land for him to live in. Given a promise of three steps of Land by King Mahabali against the warning given by his Guru Sukracharya, Vamana, The Supreme God grows so huge that he could cover from heaven to earth, earth to lower worlds in two simple steps. King Mahabali unable to fulfil the promise of three paces of Land to the Supreme God, offers his head for the third step. Thus Vamana places his third step on King Mahabali’s head and pushes him to underlying planets (Sutala) and gave him immortality for his benevolence.



Vamana - Steps

Vamana - Steps


                                                    Vamana as Trivikrama – decipted having three legs, one on the earth, raised leg in the heavens and third on Bali‘s head.

                                                    Vamana taught King Mahabali that arrogance and pride should be abandoned if any advancement in spiritual life is to be made, and that wealth should never be taken for granted since it can so easily be taken away. It is also said that Vamana deva is the defender of the gate of Bali Maharaja’s planet Sutala.







      Vamana then took on the form of Mahavishnu. He was pleased by King Mahabali’s determination and ability to keep his promise in the face of his spiritual master’s curse and the prospect of losing all his wealth. Vishnu named the King Mahabali since he was a Mahatma (great soul). He allowed Mahabali to return to the spiritual sky to associate with Prahalada (the demoniac Hiranyakashipu’s pious son) and other divine beings. Mahavishnu also declared that Mahabali would be able to rule the universe in the following yuga (age). Mahabali was the grandson of Prahlada. He was the son of Prahlada’s son Virochana who was killed in a battle with the Devas.  Mahabali is supposed to return every year to the land of his people, to ensure that they are prosperous. 


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