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Do you believe in God ??


This is a common question, some one might have asked you atleast once up until now. What might the answer be ??

a. I am not totally into the concept of god, but i believe that some one is there looking after us.

b. I’m sorry i don’t believe in god.

c. Yes, i do.

When i conducted a survey across my friends, it resulted like this.

a. |||||||||||||||||||||| (64%)

b. |||||||||||||||         (34%)

c. |                             (2%)

I, certainly, do believe in god. But, i was rather surprised to find people not believing  in existence of god yet living in the land of abundant spiritual sources. The question certainly arises, Why do i have to believe in things which i don’t see with my eye??

My answers would be,

Can you see ‘the air’ ? (Routine one)

Can you see ‘the pain’ ? (Routine one)

Have you seen your great grandfather’s grandfather ?? Ans: Obviously NO. But if someone claims that he wasn’t there and you were born out of a rock, will you agree with him ?? (Reasonable one)

We can perceive some things with our senses. But there are certain things which we can’t perceive or in simple terms, not yet ready to perceive with our existing senses. Some of them might be as simple as 500 degrees heated temperature or as complex as GOD. (Some what different one)

Darwin quoted Life came from lifeless matter i.e. Man formed from chemicals after a million years. Ok, Good Answer. Let me put some Sand (silicon dioxide), iron, plastic, battery in a room. I will lock it up for another 10 years. Is there any possibility that i can find a Dell Studio XPS Laptop in that room running  my wordpress home page ?? How silly is darwin’s theory ? If we are able to believe this silly theory which was not accounted to be completely true  by i, why don’t we believe the facts which ascertain the existence of God with proofs. (Not Insulting but the truthful one)

You need proofs right ?? Look at these…

The first one is the proof of the existence of the divine city of Krishna which dates back to 5000years. And the lower one proves the existence of the Rama Sethu between India and Sri Lanka. Aren’t these  really not enough ?? If you really want more, it’s on your part to explore. No one spoon feeds you. However this is not a study of whether god exists or not. It is about whether you believe it or not,  God exists anyway!! (Certain one)

So, i suggest you start believing in God. It isn’t just enough to believe in god. You will have many doubts like

Ok, i believe in God.

What does it matter?

Whom does it matter?

Why does it matter?

Who is god?

What is his plan?

Why are we here?

What are we?

What is that we need to do?




and so on…

Find answers to these questions. It is your responsibility to find these answers. Actually it’s everyone’s DUTY. I am also trying. I just wanted you also to know it and try finding answers. I would also like to help you in this  search. So, i recommend you to read ‘Bhagavad Gita As It Is’ from ISKCON publications. You can also try other books or media. But this is the simplest and answers your questions straightly. And i am not a book seller or a sales agent. I’m just a friend of yours trying to lend a helping hand. That’s it!!!


March 21, 2010 - Posted by | Spiritual Life

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