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Iskcon, A New Path


Many of us might have come across this Organization’s name. To be frank, i didn’t actually get along with it’s principles at the start. I was really surprised seeing foreigners in it’s temples. Many of them dancing in ecstasy. I presumed that this was all not possible and this could also be some sort of scandalous missionary.


International society for KRISHNA consciousness (ISKCON) is purely a society which encourages people to lead a happy and spiritual life of high values. Iskcon awakens the ‘sleeping You’ in you.

In this age, when you ask a question , say, what is your favorite mode of entertainment ? We’d definitely have multiple choice answers. But, ISKCON defines a simple yet solid and a singleton answer, Krishna. We may think, how  krishna, some god, which is totally out of my league, can be a source of entertainment?

Entertainment means something amusing. When will something be amusing ? If it interests you, then it is amusing. Krishna is all-attractive.  Trying to know him is the simplest way of getting the utmost amusement. His pastimes are simply superb. Every pastime is like an action sequence from the movie ‘Avatar’, filled with thrill. So, Try reading about krishna, get into the absolute path rather than wavering after the lowly pleasures.

Go to the Iskcon stores, Buy this book  ‘Krishna, the Supreme personality of Godhead’.

Bhakti vedanta ‘Srila Prabhupada’ is the founder and Acharya of this organization. He revolutionized the entire world with his constant devoted efforts to spread the Krishna consciousness movement. He travelled across continents, taught the degraded people the meaning and the value of Human life. If it wasn’t for this Yogi, foreigners wouldn’t have had the chance of getting to know about krishna..


May 15, 2010 - Posted by | Spiritual Life

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