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My Recent Darsan – Yadagiri Gutta

Yesterday, I went to the very famous Yadagiri Kshetram. I had a very good darsan of Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy. I was very much delighted after seeing  the main shrine.

yada.gif (500×263)

But the temple management was bad. I was standing in the Rs.25 special darsan queue. I had to see the nasty behaviour of people in the temple. I have practically seen the behaviour of people in kali yuga.

A child was urinating beside the Queue which was a part of temple premises. People were disheartened when there was an announcement of Aaragimpu seva which might delay darsan for 90 minutes. People were throwing plastic covers, bottles, papers, mango peels beside the queue line. Some of them were listening to movie songs. Some were gossiping about movies. Some were blaming temple management for delay in darsan.

This was the scenario. Infact, I have a lot of commentary on these. But, I am limiting my emotions to the next few paragraphs.

Why do we go to the temple ?  And that too Yadagiri Kshetram ??

Temple is the only place where we do Non-Materialistic things. Being specific, we go to temple to gain spiritual knowledge and advance in our spiritual life. This one is Yadagiri kshetram. It is the abode of Narasimha Swamy. How strict and sincere one is gotta be when he enters Narasimha Swamy’s temple ??

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Being in a temple, one should feel the presence of the lord, but not talk about the material affairs. What ever you do, try to feel him every second. Then your purpose is served in temple. The idol in this temple manifested on its own(Swayambhu). So, it is the purest of  kshetras. Being in the presence of such an idol, doing impure activities will definitely have a negative impact.

For Instance, When you go visit the home of a superior person, will you do non-sense there? Wont you be in your limits and serve him?  But when it comes to God, none is obedient. Believe me, every act of us in our life has an impact, but when it comes to blasphemizing, you’ll have the most negative impact.

When you go to a temple, go for the lord. No other activity should be performed except devotion. No other name should be uttered except his holy name. No other should appear except his form, in your mind. No other thought except his.

Since, temple is specifically dedicated to the lord, we shouldn’t destruct the purpose.

Please dont go to temple if you are not 100% devoted.

You are not a devotee if you can think of anything other than him. We are not devotees.

I’m trying to be one. So are you !! Remember !!


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