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Pastime of Lord Sri Venkateswara swami’s Chin

Ananthaacharya, the disciple of Ramanujaacharya, was a great devotee of  Lord Sri Venkateswara. He was instructed by his master, Ramanujaacharya, to take up the service of  the Lord at the temple in Tirumala.

Anathachaarya took the work of offering flowers, garlands to the lord. So he started a flower garden in Tirumala which is dedicated to the Lord. He was so strict at his work and was devoted to it. He wanted to do the work by himself. His wife was pregnant, so she was given smaller parts of work.

Once, Anathaacharya wanted to dig a lake for watering his garden. He used to do the digging work. His wife used to take the mud away. The Lord is so merciful, he couldnt stand seeing his devotee working in pain. He decided to help her. He came to Anantha as a young boy and told him that he would help him at his wife’s work since it was difficult for her to work. Anantha was so devoted to the lord that he refused help at his service to the lord. But the boy came to him many times to help her. Anantha wouldnt even give a chance to speak. He refused every time. So, the boy went to his wife directly and helped her. She also took his help. One day, Anantha noticed the boy helping his wife. He got angry and ran after the boy. He couldnt catch up with the boy. So, in anger he threw a shovel onto him. It him hard at his chin and he started bleeding. The boy ran into the temple with his bleeding chin.

In the evening, the temple priests gathered at the temple premises. They seem worried. Anantha went into the temple and came to know that the Idol in the temple was bleeding at the chin. Anantha realised his mistake at once and repented. He was worried a lot and started crying at the lord’s feet. Then the lord spoke to his devotee that it was all part of his pastime.


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