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A Meal at Jubilee45 – Great Discovery of Sins !!

Recently, I was invited to a lunch at Jubilee45 in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad by one of my colleagues from office. I couldn’t deny the invitation as it’s from a colleague. So I accepted the invite and attended it.

It was quite a good place in a calm atmosphere. It looked good from the outside. The entrance was decorated with small plants and flowers. The architecture of the building from the front view was good. It was like a square followed by a rectangular block covered with hollow circled designs. I couldn’t see the parking as I didn’t come in a vehicle.

As I reached the place, some of our colleagues were already there. I’ve greeted them and sat next to them waiting for others to arrive. In about 15 minutes, every one was there. So, we moved into the restaurant.

Seriously, I didn’t know that it was bar/restaurant. If I had known, probably I wouldn’t have attended. Anyways, I was surprised to see a bar while we were walking to our seats. We climbed up the stairs, and finally took our seats.

The hosts were talking to the hotel people about the buffet they were arranging. Some of our other colleagues also arrived in between. Finally, the hosts came to us and said, “Well, it’s ready. We can have the buffet first. Later, we may start taking lighter shots.”

Ok, Now I was stunned. There were female colleagues also with us. And obviously, we were juniors to them. And these people wanted to booze now ! Oh, how sick these people are to booze in the afternoon in front of senior colleagues. I thought these female colleagues would raise an objection regarding the whole alcohol thing. But, they never did. I was surprised.

First, we started eating. I didn’t feel much of a problem then. But as we were in the middle of the meal, those guys ordered for alcohol – vodka/whisky/beer,etc. I don’t know the alcohol percentages in each one of them but I didn’t like them drinking. I started feeling uncomfortable. I couldn’t just sit beside those scamps. So, I’ve joined our female colleagues, who weren’t drinking, thank god. They were looking at me strangely and started asking me these stupid questions – What/How/Why don’t I drink ? I was surprised by the fact that it is me that is being questioned strangely than those idiots who were consuming alcohol? Have these people gone mad? Is this the speciality of city life?

I thought, a city would be developed, but, from what I notice, it is downgraded, developed in terms of encouraging lowly acts. This was not the worst of my fears. It all started when I came out and sat alone in my room.

I started thinking of how sinful they are. This is when I realized, I too was a sinner. Let me now make a list of sins that I’ve committed by just attending the dinner. I haven’t consumed any alcohol or non-vegetarian food.

-> Increasing the profit of the hotel, thereby encouraging such kind of business

-> Sitting with the league of drunkards, thereby encouraging lowly acts indirectly

-> Not forcing them to stop such acts, thereby allowing to commit such a crime

-> Watching such acts, thereby decreasing my conscious stability

-> Consuming food from such place, thereby decreasing my spiritual energy

-> Wasting my time in earthly pleasures, thereby distancing from Krishna consciousness

-> Increasing my friendship with such people, thereby falling down to a materialistic passionate life

These are sins that I know of. Then, imagine how many would’ve occurred without my knowledge. And that is why, I’ve strictly decided not to attend any of these parties which involves consuming alcohol, meat-eating, etc. Even if you think that you can sustain these sinful activities, they have a major latent impact on you. They show up when you don’t expect them. So, It is better to stay away from these inspite of accepting and then suffering from them.

My thought of the day would be: Krishna consciousness, the only beneficial way to enjoy your life safely !!


January 3, 2011 - Posted by | Experiences, Spiritual Life

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