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Salvation … Good Question !

Have you ever wondered what it would take one to finally reach the door step of salvation? How difficult or easy would the journey be? First things first, Have you ever believed in salavation at all ?

My answer to these would be …

Yes, I believe in salvation. I guess, it’s a difficult journey. And, OMG it should really be a humble/long/righteous effort.
In this world, I believe there are two kinds of people. One kind of people are “Darwinists” (or Atheists) who believe that evolution is the reason for our existence. The other kind are the people who believe in God. I’ve already mentioned in one of my previous posts that Atheists are arrogant/dumb people who refuse to accept the truth and are afraid of its consequences.

A simple sarcastic reply to Darwin theory:

Life Preparation Sample Recipe: “Take a box full of sand, air, fire and some vaccum. Put it in a container. After a Gazillion years, tadaaaaaaaaaaa we have a whole new planet of our own”

If you can believe that this is the absolute truth, I can tell you nothing because you are the most arrogant person, I’ve ever seen, who refuses to accept the truth.
This resolves the doubt of belief in salvation.

Salvation is not just a step in your life where, when you reach it, you are declared a winner. It is a state of life that you’ve habituated yourself. It is a state that you’ve tuned yourself to live in. It is the state of life where you live in nothing but a devotion to God.

There’s a famous saying:

“A true devotee to God is one who can think absolutely NOTHING except God under any circumstance.”

This task is an easy say than done. How many of us think of God and accept the truth when, say you “lose Billion dollars”. I would say “hmmm.. NONE”. Why ? Because we are stuck in the material forces of nature. We are bound to live in its clutches until we realise that fact. A billionaire with 50 Billion dollars would cry to death if he had lost just 1 Billion of it. He knows that he has rest of the 50billion. He also knows that he can never spend the 49billion on his own and for his own pleasure and it is too much. But it his innerself that refuses to accept the fact. Similarly, we are living our lives refusing the truth every moment, every second. When you can accept the truth darely, you can see the path right there infront of your eyes. The path to salvation is really not risky/dangerous/impossible. It is our mind that thinks that it is risky/dangerous/impossible. When you can tune it, it is just a piece of cake.

So, First step to salvation: “Accept the truth! “

Once you accept the truth, is it done ? “hmmm.. Nope”. This is like, “There was a notification for an interview and you’ve accepted that there is an interview. Does that give you a job? No.” Similarly, once you accept the truth, you can see the Rules/Tasks/Results. So, accepting the truth gives you access to preparation for the exam.

A practice without rules & regulations is meaningless. When you are practising something, it is always necessary that you learn it abiding all the rules. Rules bring up an ordered result and it is important. In football, if no rules were followed, would it be still a football game ? No, it would be Rugby then. Similarly, when you are practising devotion and not following the rules, would it still be called devotion ?

When you accept the truth (devotion) it inherently means that you also accept the rules and live by the rules. When ever you cross the rules, you should be fined for that. And that is why people face difficulties in their lives. And why do people face difficulties all the time, say even if they are not a murderer or some other big sinner ? It’s because of your previous lives or number of smaller (yet counted) mistakes you’ve done in this life. Now, if you get a doubt that, “Does previous lives/after life concept exists ?”, then you have not totally accepted the truth. You should now want to revisit our discussion of Darwin theory and come back here once you accepted the truth.

So, the second and most important step: “Follow the rules, Strictly! “

When you live by the rules and treat everything in relation to god, it is now time for God to test you! Just like in our lives, if we are ready for the exam, we’ve got to take the exam. Similarly, God tests you in different ways. To deliver a software, organizations develop various test strategies, test cases, test plans, etc. They rigorously test the software in different levels/methods – Blackbox, whitebox, stress, regression, functional, non-functional, System, Integration testing. If a software (piece of code) is tested in these many number of ways, how crucial should testing us be ? When you follow all the rules according to the scriptures, teachings of devotees, it is easy for you to pass God’s tests. Even if you fail your test, you always have another chance. To be more clear, our life is a test. When you pass it which means when you learn to live it the way it is to be done, you pass it and finally you are there, at the doorstep of salvation. And you are welcome by God to live in that way for the rest of your life. You make one mistake again, you are pushed back into testing. So, its just a cycle of testing/salvation. If you are good at devotion, you stay in the state of salvation. If you are not so good at it, you are pushed down to learning-testing.

In my post so far, the meaning of God and salvation remained ambiguous. I’ve decided to clear the air. I firmly believe and accept the truth that

God = Krishna and his forms. Salvation = Servicing Krishna and his forms

When it comes to God, no one’s clear about the concept of God/his forms. I believe, I’m clear on some level, I would be discussing about that soon. Until then,

Hare Krishna !


January 17, 2011 - Posted by | Experiences, Spiritual Life

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